xml Business Intelligence Stock

The Business Intelligence Stock message intent is to exchange information related to stock levels

General usage

- The message includes functionality to differentiate classes of inventory, and to permit financial valuation of inventories facilitating price protection claims, auditing, statutory declarations, etc.
- The specified quantities relating to a product can indicate opening stock, closing stock, and goods movement (receipts or withdrawals) of held inventory, for a given time frame.
- The specified quantities can relate directly to a product or package, and may be sub-detailed within different groups or classes, e.g., batch, age, valuation, location, etc.

Fields used in the Business Intelligence Stock message

# Field Name Required Field Description Xpath Example
1 Sender Yes The sender of the EDI message, identified by a GLN. /b24Message/salesReport/sender/#gln
<sender gln="1111111111111">
2 Recipient Yes The recipient of the EDI message, identified by a GLN. /b24Message/salesReport/recipient/#gln
<recipient gln="2222222222222">
3 Document Number   Sales report ID for the whole transaction. /b24Message/salesReport/documentReference[@documentType="salesReport"]/@id
<documentReference documentType="salesReport" id="STOCK-123" date="2018-03-21">
4 Document Date   Sales report date. /b24Message/salesReport/documentReference[@documentType="salesReport"]/@date
<documentReference documentType="salesReport" id="STOCK-123" date="2018-03-21">
5 Buyer Yes The reseller group/HQ, identified by a GLN. /b24Message/salesReport/buyer/#gln
<buyer gln="1111111111111">
6 Site Yes The store in which the goods were sold, identified by a GLN. /b24Message/salesReport/site/location/#gln
<location gln="3333333333333">
7 Sales date Yes Date and time when the sale took place. /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/#date
<sale date="2018-03-21T13:31:20" id="XY1234567">
8 Sales ID   ID of the sale transaction, receipt/terminal number. /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/#id
<sale date="2018-03-21T13:31:20" id="XY1234567">
9 SKU Description   The supplier's SKU description for the product. Preferably including: model name, colour and size. /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/property[@name="description"]
<property name="description">Sun Cap-Yellow-OneSize</property>
10 Brand   The brand name of the product /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/property[@name="brand"]
<property name="brand">BrandWear</property>
11 Model number   The model number of the product. (suppliers model number) /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/property[@name="modelNo"]
<property name="modelNo">45678</property>
12 Model color   The supplier's unique model and color ID of the product. /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/property[@name="modelColor"]
<property name="modelColor">45678-511</property>
13 Gender category   The gender category, such as: Men, Woman, Unisex, Boys/Girls or Kids. /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/property[@name="gender"]
<property name="gender">UNISEX</property>
14 Goods class   The goods class of the product - either FEDAS, B24 Product Category Keys, Supplier or Customer. /b24Message/salesReport/site/item/[@set="goods class type" and @code="goods class code"]
<property name="goodsClass" set="Fedas" code="275011">275011 </property>
15 Supplier Yes The supplier/brand, identified by a GLN. /b24Message/salesReport/supplier/#gln
<supplier gln="2222222222222">
16 Color code   The code of the product colour. /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/dimension[@name="color"]
<dimension name="color">Yellow</dimension>
17 Size   The size of the item. /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/dimension[@name="size"]
<dimension name="size">ONESIZE</dimension>
18 Barcode with type   The supplier's EAN/UPC code of the product. /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/itemReference[@registry="Supplier" and @coding="EAN13"]
<itemReference registry="Supplier" coding="EAN13">1234567891112</itemReference>
19 Retail value on-hand   Retail value (at full price) of inventory on hand /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/price[@type="retailAmountOnHand" and @value and @currency]
<price type="retailAmountOnHand" value="1500.00" currency="SEK">
20 Retail value on-order   Retail value (at full price) of inventory on order /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/price[@type="retailAmountOnOrder" and @value and @currency]
<price type="retailAmountOnOrder" value="500.00" currency="SEK">
21 Cost value on-hand   Purchase price times quantity on hand /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/price[@type="costAmountOnHand" and @value and @currency]
<price type="costAmountOnHand" value="600.00" currency="SEK">
22 Cost value on-order   Purchase price times quantity on order /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/price[@type="costAmountOnOrder" and @value and @currency]
<price type="costAmountOnOrder" value="200.00" currency="SEK">
23 Recommended retail price   Recommended retail price including VAT /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/price[@type="recRetailPrice" and @value and @currency]
<price type="recRetailPrice" value="500.00" currency="SEK">
24 Cost price   Product price (purchase price) /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/price[@type="costPrice" and @value and @currency]
<price type="costPrice" value="200.00" currency="SEK">
25 Quantity on-hand   Number of pieces of item barcode at site /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/quantity[@type="OnHand"]
<quantity type="OnHand">3</quantity>
26 Quantity on-order   Number of pieces on order/allocated to (but not yet received at) site /b24Message/salesReport/site/sale/item/quantity[@type="OnOrder"]
<quantity type="OnOrder">1</quantity>