xml INVRPT (Inventory Report)

The INVRPT message intent is to exchange information related to inventories of raw materials, manufactured articles, or other stockable items, and can be exchanged between a manufacturer and distributor (wholesaler), or manufacturer and consignment holder, etc.

General usage

- The message includes functionality to differentiate classes of inventory, and to permit financial valuation of inventories facilitating price protection claims, auditing, statutory declarations, etc.
- The specified quantities relating to a product can indicate opening stock, closing stock, and goods movement (receipts or withdrawals) of held inventory, for a given time frame.
- The specified quantities can relate directly to a product or package, and may be sub-detailed within different groups or classes, e.g., batch, age, valuation, location, etc.

Fields used in the INVRPT message

Name Required Description Examples XPATH Type Limits Sort
(Header) : Sender GLN Yes

The sender of the EDI message, identified by a GLN.

<sender gln="1111111111111">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/sender/@gln Number 1000
(Header) : Recipient Yes

The recipient of the EDI message, identified by a GLN.

<recipient gln="7340117852868" />


/b24Message/inventoryReport/recipient/@gln Number 1100
(Header) : Supplier GLN Yes

The supplier, identified by a GLN.

<supplier gln="1111111111111" />


/b24Message/inventoryReport/supplier/@gln Number 1200
(Header) : Buyer GLN Yes

The reseller group/HQ, identified by a GLN. Only used for Retailer specific inventory reports

<buyer gln="7340117852868"/>


/b24Message/inventoryReport/buyer/@gln Number 1300
(Header) : Inventory Report Number Yes

Document number for specific Inventory report

<documentReference documentType="InventoryReport" id="INV-123" date="2018-03-21">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/documentReference[@documentType="InventoryReport"]/@id Number 1400
(Header) : Inventory Report Date Yes

Document/creation date for specific Inventory report

<documentReference documentType="InventoryReport" id="INV-123" date="2018-03-21">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/documentReference[@documentType="InventoryReport"]/@date Date/Time 1500
(Site) : Site GLN Yes

Location subject to inventory identified by GLN

<location gln="2222222222222">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/location/@gln Number 1600
(Item/Line) : Supplier Item ID No

The supplier's unique item ID of the product.

<item id="1000000001111">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/@id Text 1700
(Item/Line) : Allocated Quantity No

Quantity of product that has been allocated.

<item allocQuantity="0">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/@allocQuantity Number
(Item/Line) : Quantity in stock No

Product quantity in stock at site.

<item quantity="2">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/@quantity Number 1900
(Item/Line) : Target Quantity No

Total quantity to be expected at location.

<item targetQuantity="6">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/@targetQuantity Number 2000
(Item/Line) : Article description No

Description including product attributes that make up the specific item/SKU that is offered to the buyer/consumer. 

<property name="description">Best Black Product Ever</property>


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/property[@name="description"] Text 2100
(Item/Line) : Color description No

  The product color/colorway/color combination in plain text.

<dimension name="color" code="001">True Black</dimension>


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/dimension[@name="color"] Text 2200
(Item/Line) : Color Code No

The code pointing to the color/colorway/color combination of the product

<dimension name="color" code="001">True Black</dimension>


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/dimension[@name="color"]/@code Text 2300
(Item/Line) : Size No

The size of the product. 

<dimension name="size">OneSize</dimension>


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/dimension[@name="size"] Text 2400
(Item/Line) : Barcode and Encoding No

The supplier's EAN/UPC code of the product.

<itemReference registry="Supplier" coding="EAN13">1234567891123</itemReference>


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/itemReference[@registry="Supplier" and @coding="EAN13"] Text 2500
(Item/Line) : Incoming quantity and date No

Incoming quantity at date.

<incoming date="2018-05-05" quantity="1">


/b24Message/inventoryReport/site/item/incoming@date and @quantity 2600